Science Faculty

At Haslingden High School, students undertake a course of Key Stage 3 material for the first two years. This is an in-house programme of study supported in part by the ‘Exploring Science’ series, utilising both text books and the full set of teacher support materials. The course seeks to ensure that students experience an engaging, practical course which supports their entry into Key Stage 4 at the beginning of Year 9. Students receive three lessons of combined ‘Science’ per week; wherever possible these are taught by the same teacher but in some cases classes are split between two staff members.

At Key Stage 4, students have the opportunity to select science as one of their ‘option’ choices; those who do so receive an extra three lessons of science per week and will study the three separate AQA GCSEs in biology, chemistry and physics. Students who have not taken ‘Triple Science’ as an option choice study the AQA GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy course from the start of Year 9 and receive six Science lessons per week split evenly between three subject specialists.

This variety of curricula, and a flexible approach to the numbers of students entering each pathway year-on-year, is at the very core of ensuring that every student has the ability to study a course which is best suited to their individual ability and aspiration in the spirit of Haslingden High School’s chief aim: Achievement for All.

Homework is an important means by which students can deepen their learning and improve their understanding of topics studied.  More information can be found here.