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We endeavour to keep the website regularly updated with general examination information to keep you informed of upcoming examinations and any change at a national level.  At Haslingden High, we recognise the importance of parental support and involvement, particularly during the examination process and hope the information provided is useful.

November 2019 / January 2020 exam timetable

New GCSE Grading Structure

Parents Guide to the new GCSEs

Summer 2020

GCE Exam Timetable – Summer 2020

GCSE Exam Timetable – Summer 2020

Every year we get a lot of parents contacting us regarding the summer exam dates.  Each student’s timetable is different, depending on their individual subjects. The various exam boards have released timetables and these can be found on their individual websites.

NB: All students are expected to attend school for their exam on the timetabled day. NB: the dates for exams cannot be changed.

The summer exam season runs from Monday 11th May – Thursday 18th June 2020, in addition, the awarding bodies have designated Wednesday 24th June 2020 as a “contingency day” which may be used in the event of a national or local disruption to examinations.

This means that all exam candidates must be available to sit exams from the date of their first exam until Wednesday 24th June 2020.  This decision is not a school decision and does apply to all candidates in all schools.  Our advice is always to book holidays after this date to ensure availability in the event that an emergency may occur.

Students will receive a Statement of Entry in February and all students are expected to check that their personal and subject details are correct, including legal names. Students will receive their individual timetable, following mock assessments and tier change amendments where applicable, in April, (approximately Easter).

Please click here for our Haslingden High exam policies.  Students also need to note the following examination regulations regarding:

During term time the exams office is open during school hours. If you need to contact us then our telephone number is 01706 215726 or by email; arouine@haslingdenhigh.com