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Summer 2018 Exam Results

Are available for students to collect from the 6th Form Theatre:-

GCE from 8am on Thursday 16th August 2018

GCSE from 9am on Thursday 23rd August 2018

Enquires about Results (EaRs) for GCE (A- level) & GCSE

Results days are stressful times and with some students having a place a university hanging in the balance, it is important to know what to do if you have concerns regarding exam results.  The school is able to offer several post results services on results days and in the time after to support you.  Some of these services are time dependent so please make note of the deadline dates.  The costs vary considerably between GCE and GCSE’s for which you are responsible.  Please click on the link below to access the prices and consent form:-

Consent Form

Please note, if you are considering any kind of appeal about your exam results, do not ask for your original exam paper back.  This option is only for students who wish to learn from their exam paper. In addition you must understand that upon supplying permission for a review of your result, you understand that the final subject grade awarded to you may be lower than, higher than or remain the same as originally awarded.

If you are unsure which service you would like then please contact the exams office who will be happy to help you, in addition please see this handy FAQ’s document supplied by JCQ that may help you decide.

JCQ Handy FAQ’s


We endeavour to keep the website regularly updated with general examination information to keep you informed of upcoming examinations and any change at a national level.  At Haslingden High, we recognise the importance of parental support and involvement, particularly during the examination process and hope the information provided is useful.

Information on new GCSEs

New GCSE Grading Structure

Parents Guide to the new GCSEs

Exam dates Summer 2018

Every year we get a lot of parents contacting us regarding the summer exam dates.  Each student’s timetable is different, depending on their individual subjects. The various exam boards have released their provisional timetables and these can be found on their websites.

NB: Please be aware that these can change so any holiday bookings are made at your own risk. All students are expected to attend school for their exam on the timetabled day and the dates cannot be changed.

The summer exam season runs from 14th May – 25th June 2018 so our advice is always to book holidays after the 25th June. Students will receive their individual timetable at approximately February half term in line with confirmed exam dates and the exam entry deadlines.

GCSE Exam Timetable – Summer 2018

GCE Exam Timetable – Summer 2018

Please click here for our Haslingden High exam policies.  Students also need to note the following examination regulations regarding:

Opening hours & contact details

During term time the exams office is open during school hours. If you need to contact us then our telephone number is 01706 215726 or by email; arouine@haslingdenhigh.com