Severe weather / emergency school closure information

This page contains important information concerning the safety of your child when the weather causes transport difficulties or the school has to be closed in other circumstances where health and safety may be compromised.

Adverse weather can make travelling dangerous to and from school, especially as Haslingden High School is one of the highest secondary schools in Lancashire and on the edge of the Pennines. As many of our students and staff travel considerable distances to the school by car and by public transport, we are heavily reliant upon passable roads.

There are three main ways in which we will attempt to notify you as soon as possible if we need to close the school:

  • We will send an email and text message to all contacts listed on our system who have parental responsibility.  Please make sure we have up to date email addresses for all relevant contacts by checking Edulink.
  • There will be a message on the home page of the school website
  • Please tune in to Radio Lancashire, who regularly broadcast details of schools which are closed

Please do not telephone the school to see if it is open, as the lines soon become overloaded!

Radio Lancashire: 95.5, 103.9 and 104.5 FM


Early closure procedures

 If the school has to close early during the course of the school day, the following options are available:-

  • You can pick your child up from school
  • Your child can make their own way home
  • With your permission, your child can go to another student’s or relative’s home
  • If none of the above are possible, your child can stay in school until the end of the school day. However, it will be the responsibility of the student to report to the school office

Please ensure that your child is aware of your wishes with regard to school closure procedures.  The forced closure of the school will, by necessity, be done quickly and students will be made aware of the options open to them (buses available/unavailable, and that the school will remain open until all students have left safely).

If school does close early, students should be advised to make their way home in pairs or small groups wherever possible.  In such circumstances, please stress to your child the importance of responsible behaviour, as the conditions can be treacherous, especially when crossing roads.

If bad weather is expected, please ensure that your child is adequately dressed and has emergency money for the journey.

In the event of school closure, we will ensure that work for the day is set via Edulink.  This will aim to mirror the school timetable for that day and where possible, this will have a ‘live’ element to the lesson.  However, it is important to note that severe weather closures can also impact teaching colleagues, presenting issues such as childcare, which may result in live learning not being possible in some instances.  Students are expected to check their emails regularly throughout the school term but particularly in the event of school closure.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash