iPads for Learning

Why do we have an iPad scheme?

Technology is an important part of learning at Haslingden High School and since 2014 families have had the opportunity to be part of our iPads for Learning Scheme.   This has transformed the way students learn at our school enabling everyone to access resources, create and share content and use apps in any subject. Home learning including access to homework assignments and revision materials online is a vital part of our scheme and students participating in our iPad scheme can take the device to use at home.

For more information about our scheme and the impact on learning in the classroom, please fill in the contact form below.

Our iPads for Learning scheme has had a real impact on learning

A range of students from Years 7-10 were surveyed in April 2017.  100 students responded from a sample across different classes and ability sets.

  • Students are widely (79%) using the iPad in class for research, submitting work (82%) and receiving work back from teachers (78%)
  • Quizzing (e.g. Socrative) and creating content using apps were widely reported (>50%) as being used in class
  • 93% of students are using their iPad regularly to do homework
  • 92% of students think having access to an iPad has made learning easier and more enjoyable.

Purchasing your iPad – Year 7 Summer 2019

Tech4learners – this is for students who are joining us in September 2019.  Parents opting for this scheme can pay for their child’s iPad outright or over 12, 24 or 30 months with a protective case, screen cover and insurance included.  The iPad is owned by the school until the 30 month lease is up; after this families own the device outright.  More details can be found here.

Portal log in details

Got to www.tech4learners.co.uk

Username: HHS2019

Password: Welcome01

The deadline for orders is 10th July, with the first payment due on 25th July.  iPads will be delivered in late August.

Collecting your iPad:

Your son or daughter’s new iPad will be available for collection on Friday 30th August or after school on Tuesday 3rd September (3pm onwards) 5th April from the Sixth Form building.  A collection system will be in operation on both days in half-hourly slots. Please be prepared to confirm some personal details with us as proof of identity.  There is no need for your son/daughter to be present.  Another adult (e.g. an older sibling aged 18+ or grandparent) can collect the iPad on your behalf so long as they can confirm some personal details about you.

Please click here to book a collection appointment.



Purchasing your iPad – all other years and staff

Techovertime – this is for staff, students in the sixth form and for students that join us at times other than the normal Year 7 September admission.  Staff and sixth form students can choose from a range of MacBooks and iPads.  We ask that parents of students joining main school (Years 7-11) choose from the range of iPads on offer.  Payment can be made outright or over up to 36 months, subject to credit. The device is owned by Freedom Tech until all payments are completed and you must keep up repayments.  Insurance is not included in this scheme and families are strongly advised to take out their own policy.  All prices are subject to VAT.  Please read carefully the terms and conditions on the website.

Portal log in details

Please click the link here: www.techovertime.co.uk

Username: HHS2019

Password: Welcome01

The portal is open all year round.  Please complete the form above if you have any enquiries.


eSafety & iPad Acceptable Use Policy

It is vital that all participants in our iPads for Learning scheme stay safe online and respect the terms and conditions in our eSafety and iPad policy. Please download a copy of our rules for safe iPad and ICT use from the link below;

Student ICT AUP June 2018



Insurance Polices & Claim Forms

All school iPads are insured against accidental damage and theft.  A policy statement, provided by Summit/Compucover, is on the Tech4Learners portal.  If you have any questions about iPad insurance, please contact school.  Please be aware that the insurance policy does not cover loss.

Please see the IT technicians if your iPad is broken.  We will process the repair via the Insurer.

Insurance policy – for iPads issued after August 2017:

Freedom Tech Insurance Policy 2017

iPad Insurance – for iPads issued before August 2017:

Insurance policy for students in Year 7 September 2016 (current Year 9) and students with new iPads issued between Dec 2016 and February 2017:

Insurance Scheme Pre September 2017

Insurance Claim Form – for iPads issued before August 2017:

Insurance Claim Form Legacy Schemes

Information for families who have chosen to opt out of the scheme

Our scheme is voluntary and whilst the very large majority of families are part of the scheme, parents can choose not to be involved if they wish. We have a number of iPads that can be borrowed from the library each day.