Parents Teachers and Friends Association

What we do

Parent-teacher liaison

The PTFA is a forum where parents can communicate directly with school staff representatives in an informal environment. This can for example provide feedback on matters incidental to children’s education, such as school administration, or this website, where a meeting with a specific teacher may not be justified.

Fund Raising

We also raise funds for items which are of benefit to children at the school, but beyond the scope of school budgets’. We have more recently bought musical instruments, trampoline kits, tents and camping equipment for bronze, silver and gold students on the Duke of Edinburgh. Additionally, we have supported school clubs and groups, including the Games club and Be Kind project from the animal club.


The PTFA meets once per term in school, 6.00 – 7.30pm. The committee consists of chair elected from parents and a secretary and treasurer nominted from the staff.  The Head or Deputy also attends. All staff and parents of children at the school are automatically members of the PTFA and may attend meetings. The first meeting of the year is announced to all parents and is the best time for joining, other meetings are marked on the school calendar, but may be subject to change of date or venue. Changes are notified to all who attended recent meetings: if in doubt contact a committee member below. Minutes for all meetings can be found by clicking here.


Amongst our fund-raising activities are:

The 300 club is a sort of sweepstake. Contributors buy one or more of up to 300 ‘numbers’ by means of a £2 per month standing order. Every month except December 3 numbers are drawn and each wins a prize (typically around £40-£50) based on the total subscriptions that month. In December a single number is drawn for the more substantial Christmas Prize.

Next Meeting

Monday 8 November 2021 at 6:00 pm – this is our Annual General Meeting.

Policies and Constitutions of the PTFA

Volunteering Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Risk Management Policy

Expense Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Complaints Procedure Policy


The committee

Chair: Mrs Tina Ainsworth
Acting Treasurer: Mrs K. Sieg-Hogg

Secretary: Mrs K. Sieg-Hogg  Email: