Sixth Form Attendance and Punctuality Policy


High levels of attendance and excellent punctuality are both characteristics of students who achieve above or in-line with their potential. Research shows excellent attendance and punctuality have a positive effect on outcomes. The following policy has been drawn up to support all sixth form students in maximising their academic potential whilst also establishing a positive working ethos.


Minimum attendance target 97%
Cause for concern 93% 
Persistently absent – serious concern 90% or below


  • To achieve the goal of full attendance, ensuring that students are present for all timetabled lessons (including guided study)  and compulsory activities
  • To enable students to maximise progress and achievement
  • To enable students to develop a positive working ethos

Sixth Form Procedures for Attendance and Lateness

  • Students are expected to attend all timetabled lessons, study periods and registrations
  • In the case of illness, on the first day of absence, parents/carers are expected to ring the sixth-form absence line 
  • Parents/carers of a student who is absent without reason will be contacted that same day
  • If a student misses lessons, registration or study periods without suitable notice or is late two or more times in a week, they’ll be required to catch up the time in Compulsory Catch Up from 2:50 on Mondays
  • Persistent poor punctuality and absence will be addressed according to the Haslingden High School and Sixth Form’s Behaviour Policy
  • If a student needs to leave early, parents/carers should contact the sixth form no less than 24 hours in advance 
  • Parents/carers will be contacted by the Sixth Form team whenever there is any doubt or concern regarding a student’s absence.  
  • In the case of prolonged or repeated absences due to illness, students may be requested to provide medical evidence for confirmation.  If the situation continues, the sixth-form team may contact parents/carers to discuss the issue.

Absences in special circumstances

  • Absences must be limited to cases of real illness and holidays will not be authorised during school time
  • It is, however, acknowledged that there may be special circumstances where you may be absent from school.  
  • In these circumstances, a request should be put in writing to the Director of Sixth Form clearly stating the dates and reason for the proposed absence
  • The circumstances of your request will be considered and you will receive a written decision
  • Where the decision is taken to refuse permission, the absence will remain unauthorised  should you choose to ignore this


Absence Authorised  Proof required in advance 
Medical matters eg: doctor, dental, optician and orthodontist appointments  YES Students are to bring evidence to Sixth Form Administrator and complete the absence form
Personal issues eg:  funerals  YES Students are to complete the absence form and email it for permission
Birthdays or similar celebrations NO
Driving test – PRACTICAL  YES Students are to bring evidence to Sixth Form Administrator
Holidays NO
University Open Days and Summer Schools  At the discretion of the Director/Assistant Director of Sixth Form Students to email for permission
Other ie: examinations, job interviews, participation in extracurricular activities, rehearsals for events relating to school etc At the discretion of the Director/Assistant Director of Sixth Form Students to email for permission