Religious Studies A Level

Brief details:

Through a rigorous study of religion, philosophy and ethics, RS aims to develop your understanding of the wider world and the role religion plays in influencing individuals, communities and societies.  Through a critical and reflective study of religion, you will develop your own ideas on some of the most important, complex and long-lasting questions that humans face.

Preferred entry requirements:

At least grade 5 at GCSE RS and grade 5 at GCSE English.

The course has three strands:

  • Unit 1: Religion and ethics, including the understanding and application of ethical theory to important moral issues
  • Unit 2: Philosophy of religion, including arguments for and against the existence of God, religious language and the problem of evil
  • Unit 3: A systematic study of the development of Christian thought, looking at the influence of eminent thinkers such as Plato and St. Augustine, through to the impact of feminism and secularism

Exam Board: OCR

Course assessment details:

This course is assessed entirely through examinations.

Progression and career opportunities:

An A-level in RS can be of value to those considering degree courses such as religious studies, theology, philosophy, history, politics, law, English, sociology and the social sciences.  The focus on understanding religion and belief alongside the development of critical and reflective thinking makes it highly valued by employers, especially in those jobs that involve working with people.