Inspiring Future Leaders

I’ve had an amazing experience participating in the Future Leaders programme at Haslingden Sixth Form.  I am learning a lot about myself and it has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone.  The life skills I have acquired don’t just help me with my studies but have helped me in the outside world too.  I truly believe that I have grown as a person.

CARTER – year 12 student

At Haslingden Sixth Form, we are as committed to our students’ personal growth as we are to their academic success. We know we can help them become successful students, however, we also want to help them develop into happy, healthy human beings who have a strong set of values.

Our bespoke Future Leaders programme aims to develop a range of skills in students that will help them with their studies; help develop their resilience and flexibility; enrich their applications to universities, apprenticeships and employers; and allow them to feedback their talents into a school community which recognises them as role models. 

The programme provides a solid foundation of responsibility and ownership and culminates in certificated award based on a diverse range of activities and tasks which develop:

  • self-confidence
  • passion and a willingness to share that passion in a way that inspires others
  • reliability and responsibility
  • creative problem solving and empathy


In the first term of year 12,  students participate in a number of challenges, working closely with their designated tutors and facilitators. Each challenge refines students’ skills in a developmental and exciting way whilst encouraging gradual personal growth and the development of a sense of real community amongst tutor groups and their year. The sharing of best practice and involvement of expert speakers connected with successful leadership roles, helps motivate them towards achieving their potential.

In the second term, students go out into the community and lead. This might be school-based assistance in a classroom, supporting teachers with lesson delivery or running an after school club in an area of their expertise. It might be helping to revitalise areas of the large school community – creating displays alongside students they direct; or it could be working one to one with younger students,  supporting literacy, numeracy or working as a mentor for students with particular difficulties accessing the curriculum on their own.  Alternatively, students may work in the wider community leading in initiatives which build on their interests and passions including: the coordination of sports training sessions; fundraising for local charities; or working with our many local primary schools to support younger children.

This enables students to put theory into practice, using the skills developed in the first term, as well as encouraging them to experience the positive impact their leadership can have on others and the rewards of ‘giving something back’ to the school and local community.

This is a genuinely exciting time to be a student at Haslingden Sixth Form. For us, they are the future leaders of our local, national and in some cases, global communities. Whether their journeys take them into politics, business, retail, trade, academia or elsewhere, we know that we can help to develop  the skills and experiences necessary to lead successful and fulfilling lives.