Further Mathematics A Level

Brief details:

Further mathematics is one of the most highly respected subjects offered at A-level.  It is recognised by the very top universities for its challenging content and is therefore an excellent qualification to obtain.

Preferred entry requirements:

At least grade 7 at GCSE maths and to be studying A-level maths

Units studied:

  •       Unit 1:        Further pure mathematics
  •       Unit 2:        Decision mathematics
  •       Unit 3:        Numerical methods
  •       Unit 4:        Modelling with algorithms
  •       Unit  5:      Statistics

 Exam Board: MEI

Course assessment details:

This course is assessed entirely through final examinations.

Progression and career opportunities:

Further mathematics is particularly popular with students going on to study degree-level mathematics, engineering or sciences.  Career opportunities range from financial, e.g. accounting to scientific e.g. medicine