Celebrating Diversity & Wellbeing

Haslingden Sixth Form has allowed me to grow not only in my studies but also as a person. The endless opportunities I have been offered here has allowed me to come out of my shell and learn new skills which will set me up for my next chapter. I have always felt support here at Haslingden not only in my educational journey but also my wellbeing too

REBECCA – year 13 student

At Haslingden Sixth Form, we have the firm belief that students achieve most when they are happy and that is why our goal is to support students in achieving their aspirations by prioritising personal development. Our aim is for every student to progress on to their next steps as confident, principled adults who thrive within a rapidly changing world.

A wide range of groups and opportunities to link with like-minded students
An influential student leadership team who take an active role in ensuring that students have a strong sense of belonging
An informative and inspiring PSHE programme which equips students with crucial skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern world
A strong safeguarding culture built upon excellent pastoral care and guidance and supported by strong relationships with staff

Our team of approachable, dedicated staff work closely with students to develop their autonomy as learners
For those students who require additional support, one-to-one mentoring sessions help eradicate barriers which may be hindering progress
Outstanding pastoral care which places wellbeing at its heart