Northern final for school’s trampolinists

TWELVE talented female trampolinists will be representing Haslingden High School in the Northern Zonal final in Belfast in February.

Three teams – two novice teams from Years 7 and 9/10 and an intermediate Year 10 and above – qualified for the regional final after performing routines at the North West Schools competition in Wigan.

The A team from Year 7: Megan Robertson, Libby Knowles, Antonia Cusurca and Isabelle McRitchie came third in their group.

Year 9/10s Freya Lax, Katie Knowles, Isabella McMullen and Scarlet Botham were second and the Year 10 and above team of Halle Walden, Lucie Waters, Lucie Mae Haigh and Hannah Wilson also came second.

Katie, 14, also qualified as an individual.

Many of the students train at Fearns Trampoline Club where they will be practising and perfecting their two routines ahead of flying out for a weekend at the Belfast competition.

Katie said: “I have been trampolining for eight years at Fearns and last year myself, Freya and Scarlet also got through the Northern Zonal final in Macclesfield and we came fifth as a team, so we didn’t qualify for the national final.

“As a novice team we are only allowed to do one somersault in a routine.”

Freya, 14, said: “I have competed in three competitions before and the school has given us some money towards the cost of the Belfast trip and we will also be fundraising.

“I think we are a better team than we had last year and we have improved a lot.”

Megan, 11, has been trampolining for nearly seven years and trains for two hours every Wednesday.

She said: “My primary school never had a team, so I have only competed as an individual before; it is better to be with a team.

“I didn’t do my best routine and I over-rotated my back flip and landed on my heels when I should have landed on flat feet, but it was ok.

“I am nervous about the next round, but happy that we get to go and we will have fun.”

They all said it was quite daunting when they got on the trampoline and saw how many people were in the crowd and even though they were not all watching them it felt like it.

Katie said: “You have to just try to zone out and focus on what you are doing and try to do it as neatly as you can.”

Last year, the school’s Year 8 and 9 team comprised of both Lucie’s, Halle and Katie who won through to the British School’s Trampolining Final and came fifth.