Student poets get picked to be published

FOUR talented young poets from Haslingden High School were delighted when their poems were selected for publication in an anthology.

Year 7 students Atiya Islam, Annesa Ali, Hayden Peers-Holland and Reagan Shaw will have their work published in a book called ‘The Power of Poetry – Creative Verse’.

Atiya, 11, is no stranger to writing and at primary school loved to write short stories. She chose to write about school life in her poem, everything from teachers to subjects.

Atiya said: “When I was little, I found out that I liked making poems but I have never had anything published and I was really happy when I found out. I like hearing words that rhyme, it makes me happy.”

Hayden Peers-Holland, 11, recounted how his brother felt when he was bullied at different high schools and turned those emotions into a poem.

He said: “I was a bit shocked that my poem was picked, because I just thought it was extra homework that I had to get done and I handed it in at the last minute. I was not sure Miss had really said my name, but I am very pleased.

“I think bullies are horrible people and they should think about the affect their action is having on someone else.”

Bullying was also the subject that Reagan wrote about because in primary school he was bullied.

He said: “I worked on the poem from after school to 9pm. Writing is something I find a bit tricky and I get word block sometimes. I wrote the poem in the third person and based it on my experiences.”

Annesa’s poem about Black Lives Matter was also selected.