Mindful museum trip aids classroom learning

STUDENTS enjoyed a mindfulness trip to The Whitaker Art Gallery and Museum in Rawtenstall.

Eleven students from Haslingden High School were selected by French teacher, Laura Connor, who is also the Wellness and Mindfulness Co-ordinator in school.

Pixie Rushton, 13, said: “We went into the Reflective Room and listened to some of the sounds of the museum and then had to focus on a painting for about five minutes and say what we thought.”

They then went into a gallery and spent time looking at all the pictures before selecting one they liked and one they didn’t.

Pixie said that was the hardest part; selecting a painting they didn’t like.

Archie Taylor, 14, said: “We did mindfulness sessions and they made me a lot calmer and I now use the techniques in school.

“I had never been to The Whitaker before but I have driven past it many times. I really enjoyed it.”

Pixie said: “We were given a bead to keep to help us to focus and we were told to use it to look at things in a different perspective.”

They both said the mindfulness visit had helped them to concentrate and improve their focus in school.