Student Online Safety, ICT & iPad Acceptable Use Policy – Student and Parental Agreement

Approved by Governors:  Autumn 2022
Review Date:  Autumn 2024

Updated March 2023 – applicable to all students

The use of ICT including the Internet, email and iPads, is an integral element of learning in our school.  In making this as successful and as beneficial as possible, we expect all learners to act safely and responsibly when using technology both within and outside of the school environment.

The enclosed ICT Acceptable Use Policy forms part of the wider School eSafety Policy and in association with both the school’s Behaviour Management Policy and Home-School Agreement, outlines those principles we expect our students to uphold for the benefit of both themselves and the wider school community.  Your support in achieving these aims is essential and I would therefore ask that you read and discuss the enclosed ICT Acceptable Use Policy with your child.

Section A: General ICT Use Policy – Students

  1. I will only use ICT systems in school, including the Internet, e-mail, digital video, mobile technologies, etc. for school purposes.
  2. I will not use USB memory sticks in school.
  3. I will not download or install software on school personal computers.
  4. I will only log on school computers and email with my own username and password.
  5. I will follow the school’s ICT security system and not reveal my passwords to anyone and change them regularly.
  6. I will only use my school email address unless my teacher tells me to do otherwise.
  7. I will make sure that all ICT communications with students, teachers or others are responsible and sensible.
  8. I will be responsible for my behaviour when using any online system (including Internet, email, and social media). This includes resources I access and the language I use.
  9. I will not deliberately browse, download/upload or forward material that could be considered offensive or illegal. If I accidentally come across any such material, I will report it immediately to my teacher.
  10. I will not give out any personal information such as my name, phone number or address. I will not arrange to meet someone unless this is part of a school activity approved by my teacher.
  11. I will not take pictures or create videos without the permission of my teachers and I will not distribute or post pictures or videos without the consent of the school.
  12. I will ensure that my online activity, both within or outside school, will not cause my school, the staff, students, or others distress, or bring them into disrepute.
  13. I will ensure that my online activity will respect the school community and not impact on the day-to-day smooth running of our systems, or the learning of others.
  14. I will always respect the privacy and ownership of others’ work on-line.
  15. I will not use ICT to copy another student’s work or pass someone else’s work off as my own.
  16. I will not attempt to bypass the Internet filtering system or any other security system.
  17. I understand that my use of the Internet and other related technologies is monitored and logged and can be made available to my teachers.
  18. I understand that these rules are designed to keep me safe and that if they are not followed, school sanctions will be applied, disciplinary action taken, and my parents/ carer may be contacted.
  19. I will report any activity by others which is not in keeping with these rules.
  20. I understand that I am responsible for the content on any school computer or device and will not allow other people to misuse these resources.


Section B: iPads for Learning Agreement for parents and students

These rules are designed to keep everyone safe, ensure that iPads are used appropriately and help us be fair to everyone.  This agreement applies at all times and in all locations.

  1. All iPads acquired through the school are owned by the school until the end of the 30-month lease term.
  2. I will bring my iPad to school every day, fully charged and in the protective case.
  3. I will always behave responsibly when using my iPad and agree to follow the rules set out below.
  4. I will not damage my iPad, or the iPad of another person in school.  I will take good care of my iPad and will always use the case provided.  I understand that if I remove the case, the insurance is invalidated and in the event of any damage my parents will be charged the full cost of repair.
  5. I will not open or attempt to open the main casing of the iPad and understand that this invalidates the warranty.
  6. I will only use my iPad in school when a member of staff has given me permission to do so.  I understand that my iPad must not be used at break or lunchtimes and must always be stored in my bag unless directed by a member of staff.
  7. I will use the iPad for schoolwork and homework as directed by my teachers and parents/carers.
  8. I will ensure I know where my iPad is at all times; I will not leave it unattended (unless directed by staff and it is in a place which is locked by a member of staff).
  9. I will not apply any decorations or stickers to a school-owned iPad.
  10. I will not swap my iPad with another student.
  11. I will not sell, attempt to sell, expose for the purpose of sale, loan, give away or dispose of a school iPad.
  12. I understand that my iPad (including iPads from home) will be linked to JSS (our mobile device management system) which will ensure that I can receive apps and that my iPad can be monitored effectively.  I will not remove or tamper with this system.
  13. I will update my iPad by following any guidance issued by school and when instructed by the IT team.
  14. I will only access the systems and my device with my own Apple ID or username / password.
  15. I will not access another person’s device or storage area, or interfere with other people’s work or files.
  16. I will not use the iPad for illegal activities e.g. use of the school’s internet/e-mail accounts for financial or commercial gain.
  17. I will respect copyright.
  18. I will ensure that sounds are muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher.
  19. I will follow the school e-safety policy; I will not view, send, access, upload, download or distribute offensive, threatening, pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit materials. I will not try to create, share or distribute potentially embarrassing content.  I will report any such activity by others if I become aware of it.
  20. I will not take pictures of other students or teachers without their permission.  I understand that the school holds a register of students who are not allowed to have their photograph taken under any circumstances.  I therefore will not take photos or post any images/movies taken in school on the Internet e.g. via social network websites, unless I have the express permission of a member of staff.
  21. I will not remove school applications from the iPad unless told otherwise by a member of staff.  Regarding school-owned iPads, I agree not to change any configuration settings, erase the iPad on another computer, synchronise the iPad with another computer, clear my browser history or remove any network profiles without permission of a member of the IT team.
  22. I will not use inappropriate media as a screensaver or background photo.
  23. I understand that any messages I send must be polite; I understand that spamming or mass emailing is not acceptable.
  24. I will report any unpleasant material or messages sent to me.
  25. I will ensure that I bring the iPad to school each day and that it is brought into school fully charged at the beginning of the school day; I will only use genuine Apple chargers as I understand that ‘copy’ or fake brands pose a fire risk.
  26. I understand that the school may check my iPad and any content saved on it; the school will monitor the internet sites I visit in school and I agree to hand my iPad over for inspection when requested by any member of staff or by my parents/ carers.
  27. I understand that all staff have the right to use ‘Guided Access’ systems to lock my device down to one app if required.
  28. Outside of school, we (the family) understand that we bear responsibility for such guidance as should also be exercised with information sources such as television, telephones, films, radio, social and other potentially offensive media.
  29. I will take responsibility for looking after the files on my iPad and back up important work to my school Google Drive account.
  30. I will not use Virtual Private Network apps on my iPad.
  31. I will set a 6 digit passcode on my device for security purposes.
  32. I understand that school reserves the right to amend and add to this agreement at any time.

Points to note:

If the School suspects or finds that an iPad has been used inappropriately (whether school owned or not):

  1. The School reserves the right to confiscate an iPad.
  2. The School reserves the right to disable a school iPad.
  3. The School may withdraw permission to take a school-owned iPad home.
  4. The School may withdraw permission to bring an iPad into school.
  5. The School may withdraw internet or network access.
  6. The School will consider the impact of any breach of security policies (whether intentional or otherwise) with regard to any sanctions imposed.  Additional disciplinary action may be added in line with existing school behaviour policies.
  7. If and when applicable, the School reserves the right to contact the police, local authority or other agencies.


Appropriate use of iPads in school

Some teachers will use the iPads in lessons more than others.  iPad use will vary dramatically throughout the year as some lessons/topics may be more suited to the use of new technology than others.  Please do not expect to be using your iPad instantly and all the time.  Your teacher will gradually introduce activities that require use of your device.

Your use of the iPad in school is always at your teacher’s discretion. If your teacher hasn’t asked you to use the iPad then it should be kept out of the way in your school bag. If your teacher feels that you have not been using the iPad responsibly then they will ask you to put it away and may issue a suitable sanction.


Be aware of the amount of time that you spend using your iPad.  If you spend a large amount of time on the iPad at home, please ensure that you take regular breaks.  Make use of the stand built into the case which holds the iPad at a comfortable angle when using the device seated at a table.

Personal Safety

The likelihood of being approached outside of school by someone trying to steal the iPad is slim, but it is important that all students act safely to limit this risk.

Ensure that the iPad is kept in your bag when walking to and from school. Follow the usual advice about keeping safe, for example not walking around alone when it is dark and ensuring that an adult knows where you are. If approached, just hand the iPad over.  It is insured and can be tracked. If your work is backed up to iCloud or Google Drive then it will not be lost.  In the event of this happening, please contact the school and the police as soon as possible.  This allows us to track the iPad and remotely disable it.

Email Etiquette

Email is a key means of communication between staff and students.  Any essential emails to staff, such as those sent to hand in work, should always be politely written. Start the email with Sir/Miss or the teacher’s name and always end with ‘thank you’ and your name.

  1. You should be endeavouring to speak to your teachers directly however, if an email is necessary then please be aware that the response time is 48 hours
  2. When emailing your teachers, greet them politely and always use their full title: Dear Mr Clarke or Dear Ms Marsland
  3. Add a brief, accurate subject line to your email.  Ideally, you should state which class you are in and what the email is about
  4. Keep it short and succinct.  State the query or request straight away and make sure you are polite
  5. Do not use all capital letters or too many exclamation marks – this can convey feelings of anger or shouting
  6. Do not use text message language or slang
  7. The email should be written the same way that you would write a letter
  8. Check the content for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes
  9. Sign off the email with your full name and an appropriate closing phrase such as: Kind regards

Phishing Emails and Ransomware

Always be on the lookout for suspicious emails.  Never click on links or attachments if they don’t look quite right.

iPad use at Home

Teachers may set home learning on the iPad and the usual sanctions will be used if this work is not completed.  The use of any technology in the home is under the guidance of parents.

Every school-owned device will have a security policy applied that limits the content your child can view or download.  We strongly recommend parents who allow their child to bring their own iPad into school to enable parental controls.

Internet filtering at home is ultimately up to families to manage, though we strongly recommend using a safety filter to block inappropriate content.  There are a number of free or commercial packages available, including filtering policies that can be applied to home wireless routers.

Social Media

We realise that social media is a part of modern-day life and accept that students may (subject to age restrictions) install social media apps on the iPad to use at home.  Please note however that we do not allow students to have social media apps in school.

Some social apps, including Snapchat, are completely blocked on all school iPads to safeguard the wellbeing of our school community.

Repairs – loss or damage to school iPads

Please see the iPad page of the school website for further information.  

The cases we use to protect school iPads are very strong, so we expect breakages to be the exception rather than the norm.

If a school iPad is accidentally damaged and requires repair, it should be dropped off in B36 before or after school and, subject to availability, a replacement device will be loaned to the student until the repair is completed. If the damage is so extensive that repair is not possible, the student will be issued with a replacement device of a similar age.  Our insurance does not cover breakages or damage to the iPad if it was not in the protective case, or if a repair has been attempted by someone not connected to the school.

Accidents do happen.  There is a difference, however, between accidents and negligence.  If, following investigation, the iPad is deemed to have been intentionally or negligently damaged by the student, the full cost of replacement or repair will be billed.  Cosmetic wear and tear such as scratches and minor damage to the iPad will not normally be repaired if the function of the iPad is not significantly affected.   The school will replace the iPad with a device of similar age if it is stolen.  We can disable the device if necessary.  Any theft outside of school must be reported to school and the police as soon as possible.

We will not cover the cost of any additional items that are damaged, lost or stolen. This includes devices such as Apple Pencils, or other stylus, keyboards, earphones or headphones.  We strongly advise that parents engrave or write their child’s name on any accessories. If another student is responsible for loss or damage to an iPad, the school may contact that child’s parents to request a contribution to the cost of repair/replacement or payment for the repair/replacement in full.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their iPad is regularly backed up to iCloud or Google Drive.  The school is not responsible for any content that is lost or deleted.

Lost or damaged chargers and cables

The school will not be responsible for chargers and leads that are lost or go missing since these should be kept at home.  Replacement leads can be bought cheaply for around £3.00.  Chargers are more expensive – please ensure that genuine Apple chargers are always used as cheap variants have been known to overheat.

Please note – the school is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of any privately owned devices that are brought into school.  We strongly advise parents allowing their child to bring their own iPad into school to make their own arrangements for insuring the device.


The iPad is covered by a warranty for 12 months. If an iPad develops a fault it should be dropped off in the Library before or after school.  If a quick solution is not possible, subject to availability, a loan iPad of a similar age will be issued whilst a warranty repair is organised.


iPads will remain the property of Haslingden High School until the end of the loan period which will be 30 months.  The iPad is yours to keep at the end of this period at no extra cost.  Please keep the original packaging as this helps the resale value of the iPad at the end of the scheme as it may be possible to trade the iPad in for a newer one.   If you decide not to renew your child’s iPad in Year 9, we will keep our restrictions on the iPad until your child leaves at the end of Year 11.  Our restriction policy provides wifi access, allows us to deploy or remove apps, and ensure students stay safe in school.

Installing Apps

The iPad will be provided with a core suite of paid and free apps which will cover the majority of instances of where students will use their iPad in school or at home.

We want to encourage students to explore and find their own apps to help their learning; students can therefore install free apps from the App Store.  Students will need to create their own Apple ID to do this.

If a student discovers a useful free or paid app which everyone might find useful, they should discuss it with the IT team and we may look into pushing it across all devices.

Fair Use

Students may use their iPad at home for non-learning activities such as casual browsing and may download additional apps.  Students must be mindful not to use up all the space on the device and that their activity on the iPad does not break any of the rules stated above.


School-owned iPads have 32GB or 64GB of memory; this should be more than adequate for storing apps and files.  Students should save files to Google Drive as this enables files to be accessed from any device or any location.  iCloud is also available for backing up files and apps.

Our MDM (Mobile Device Manager) allows us to see how full a device is getting and we will ask students to free space on their iPad if necessary.

Age Restrictions on Apple IDs and some apps:

Holding an Apple ID is not permitted until a student is 13 years old. This is to comply with US legislation.  Therefore we ask that parents set up these accounts for their son/daughter.  For more information, view here:

Apps with a minimum age limit of 13 (e.g. Google Apps for Education, Microsoft Office365, Canva and Adobe ID)

We use several apps for communications and content creation.  We are required by the producers of these apps to seek parental consent before assigning an account to each child.  Adobe also has an age restriction policy which prevents children under 13 from creating Adobe IDs.  In this instance we ask students to use a parent’s date of birth.