iPad Repairs

Damage to iPads should be (and is) the exception to the norm but we appreciate accidents do happen.   iPads are insured against accidental damage and theft during the 30 month lease period.  Freedom Tech reserve the right to refuse any claims where deliberate damage is suspected.  Please refer to your insurance documents (sent from Freedom Tech when signing up for the device) for details.
During the pandemic, Freedom Tech are dealing directly with parents to process claims and will organise collection and repair for you.

If your child’s iPad is broken and needs sending away for repair:

  • Sign out of iCloud (or if you cannot do this on the iPad, go to icloud.com on another device)
  • Remove the passcode if possible
  • Please complete the form below (or visit https://freedomtech.co.uk/help/)
  • In the Order # field enter Haslingden or your original order reference code if you have it.
  • Fill in your name, email address and contact numbers as required.
  • Please include the device serial number when prompted.  This is displayed at the bottom of the passcode screen, or on the back of the iPad.
  • In the Description field, enter your child’s name, Haslingden High School and a description of the fault.


Once you have submitted your repair claim, you will receive an email with a unique reference number (FTCS_XXXX).  Valutech will then contact you within 4 hours to arrange collection (Mon -Friday -9:00 – 17:00).
Once collected, you can keep track of the repair via the Freedom Tech portal (http://freedomtech.valutech.co.uk:50000/ ) (The username is freedom no password required).
The repaired iPad will be returned to the address it has been collected from unless an alternative is requested by the parent.

Book a spare iPad whilst the repair is being carried out

Once you have received your FTCS number, we can provide a loan iPad, subject to availability, that can be collected from our main reception.

Screen Protector Repairs

We replace school-leased iPad screen protectors free of charge.  If your screen protector is broken, see the IT technicians before the damage spreads to the actual iPad screen, and avoid a delay whilst the iPad is sent away to be fixed.
Enjoy this clip of a screen protector being replaced:

Any other iPad queries?

Please email itsupport@haslingdenhigh.com and a member of the team will get back to you.