Removing restrictions on ‘old’ iPads

Please read this information if you have ordered a new iPad in Year 9, or have left HHS at the end of Year 11.

We can remove school restrictions from your ‘old’ iPad provided the balance left to pay has been paid off.

We will send out a message saying when we will remove our restrictions.  For old Year 9 iPads, this will be in late April.  For Year 11, this will be in late September.

After we have contacted you to say when restrictions have been removed, please do the following:

  • Make sure the iPad is backed up.  More info about iCloud backup: 
  • The iPad needs to be switched on, with plenty of charge and connected to Wifi.
  • Perform a ‘factory reset’ which will wipe the iPad of all contents (Settings > General > Erase All Content and Settings)
  • When the iPad restarts, follow the steps on screen.  Do not choose ‘restore from backup’ when setting up your iPad as this will reinstall our restrictions.  You’ll need to wipe the iPad and start again.
  • Sign into iCloud to restore files from your last backup.


My child is in Y9, the iPad is paid off.  I’m not buying another iPad through school but I’d like restrictions removed.  Can we do this?

We understand the iPad is fully paid off,  but to keep our iPad scheme sustainable we want to keep our restrictions on the iPad until your child leaves school.  This means the iPad is connected to our WiFi and has the correct apps installed for learning.

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