Humanities Faculty

The humanities faculty is one of the largest faculty teams in school, with 18 specialist teachers across seven subject areas,

The Curriculum Leader is supported by four experienced Subject Leaders in RS, geography, history and social sciences. At KS3, the faculty consists of the geography, history and RS departments, all of which are taught as discrete subjects, with GCSEs offered in each of these subject areas. Whilst GCSE Religious Studies is compulsory for all students, history and geography are consistently amongst the most popular choices for our students.

Post-16 subjects within the faculty are wide-ranging and popular: history, geography, RS, psychology, sociology, criminology and law are all offered in our 6th form. All humanities subjects are taught by subject specialists and several faculty colleagues are involved in mentoring students who choose to complete the Extended Project Qualification in a field of study linked to their specialism.

Homework is an important means by which students can deepen their learning and improve their understanding of topics studied.  More information about homework in history, geography, RS and social sciences can be found by clicking the relevant links.

All subject areas within the faculty make a significant contribution to the school’s strong PSHEE & Citizenship programme, to the coverage of fundamental British values, and to the social, moral, cultural and spiritual development of our students.  We also offer a number of extra-curricular activities and events, including trips and excursions to destinations as close to home as Skipton and Manchester, and as far afield as  France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Iceland and Indonesia.