Design Technology Faculty


Design and Technology at Haslingden High School and Sixth Form is not just about working towards academic qualifications but also about developing our students as people, and helping them become resilient and inquisitive learners who are capable of working independently and collaboratively. We aim to excite and inspire all students to become innovative and creative, by providing a “hands-on” curriculum experience which develops practical and problem-solving skills, technical knowledge and an understanding of our subjects in the world around them. In doing so, this will prepare them for the fast-changing life beyond school. We aim to make the best possible use of the wide-ranging knowledge and expertise of our staff, together with the fantastic facilities and opportunities unique to our faculty in order to make a significant contribution to the school aims by offering a diverse and ambitious curriculum that all our students can access.

Health and Social Care has an additional rationale.  This course focuses on health, social care and early years workers and users. Throughout the course, students will apply their knowledge and understanding through activities such as role-play, case studies and work-related scenarios. Students are introduced to as wide a range of job opportunities as possible within the health, social care and early years settings and through the delivery of the different units we will prepare students for the world of work, equipping them with a range of transferrable skills that can be utilised in many different careers but specifically preparing them for work in the health or social care environment.

Homework is an important means by which students can deepen their learning and improve their understanding of topics studied across all the faculty’s courses.  More information can be found here.