Physical Education



  • Core Curricular PE in Yrs 7-11
  • Exam PE and Vocational Sport in Yrs 10 -13
  • Extra Curricular Sport in Yrs 7-13

… the HHS PE Faculty will strive to give all students the opportunity to develop across our 4 key themes:

  • Personal Development
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Leadership Skills
  • Your Sport > Your Choice: social sport and its role in helping manage stress

Developing sports competence and a knowledge and understanding of rules, regulations and tactics in a wide range of physical activities will be a key part of our PE learning journey.

Using the National Curriculum for PE as our foundation we will plan a more ambitious Yr 7 – Yr 13 PE and Sport Curriculum Journey that will use sport as the inspirational vehicle to:

“Prepare all students for life through PE and Sport”

Homework is an important means by which students can deepen their learning and improve their understanding of topics studied.  More information can be found here.