Welcome to the Mathematics Faculty pages.

The maths teaching team is one of the largest faculty teams in school, with 13 specialist teachers, led by a Curriculum Leader and supported by three Assistant Curriculum Leaders, who each have responsibility for a key stage. The faculty has embraced the school led initiative of co-operative learning and one to one iPad scheme, and shared resources have helped ensure all students are actively engaged in lessons and developed as independent learners. The students follow the Edexcel Linear course at GCSE, and a range of resources and teaching styles is used to meet the learning needs of students, in addition to the use of the Active Teach and Active Learn schemes of learning and linked resources for Key Stages 3 and 4.

Maths continues to be a popular subject at A Level, with two classes in both Year 12 and 13, alongside a small group of students who choose to also study further maths.

Homework is an important means by which students can deepen their learning and improve their understanding of topics studied.  More information can be found here.


Our primary goal is to make mathematics enjoyable, exciting, and challenging for all our students. Students will develop the confidence to work individually, collaboratively and to apply logic and reasoning to mathematical problems. This will take place within an environment which is both supportive and inspires a curiosity for mathematics, which in turn builds resilience, confidence and fluency of practice.

Our curriculum is carefully designed to build on prior learning and equips all students with functional mathematical skills, which enables them to negotiate everyday numerical problems and promotes an interest in a wide variety of linked disciplines where sound mathematical knowledge and skills are required.