Future leaders run after school clubs


SIXTH form students are running clubs in Haslingden High School for younger students while gaining confidence and valuable skills.

Science Club is run by 16-year-olds Emily Gent and Niamh Morris as part of the school’s Future Leaders’ Programme.

Niamh said: “The programme encourages you to get involved with more things in school and it is useful to help you with confidence to speak in public and to take on more of a leadership role.”

They run the club for Year 7s and select experiments for the attendees to carry out.

Naimh said: “We both enjoyed doing experiments when we were doing GCSE science and that is what we do in the club.”

The first one was to create slime and the youngest students have also written with invisible ink that only showed up when they used a Bunsen burner; their next task will be to make a catapult.

Emily said: “Before being involved in running the club, I would have been really scared because I do not like putting myself forward to speak in public.”

Once Emily and Niamh have selected the club’s experiments, they always give them a trial before letting the students have a go.

Niamh added: “It has made me more confident and able to speak in front of people, it helps because they are young, but I have also found that I am able to stand up in front of a class of students and speak.”