Bookworm Claudia first to achieve gold


AT PRIMARY school Claudia Lord was not an avid reader, but a ‘Go for Gold’ challenge gave her the incentive to read 30 books in just over 18 months.

The Haslingden High School Year 8 student now has three badges on her blazer lapel and was the first student in her year to achieve gold.

Teacher and Librarian Yasmine Choudry, who set the reading challenge said: “Claudia is often first in the library in the morning. She is inspirational.”

Students are tasked to read and review five books for Bronze, 10 more for Silver and another 15 to achieve Gold when they win a certificate and an Amazon gift voucher.

Claudia, 13, said: “I just started reading in Year 7 and have carried on. I got to my Bronze about Christmas in Year 7 and then my Silver just before last summer.

“I have liked all the books I have read and reviewed, but when I was in primary school I didn’t really read because it was not something I was interested in.

“When I started at Haslingden and I heard about the challenge, I decided to give it a go. If I find myself with nothing to do I just pick up a book and read.

“I think it has helped me because now I have a wider range of words that I know and understand and use and if I come across a word I do not understand in a book, I will look it up online. I have a book that I write the word in and the definition so I know what it means.

“I am currently reading ‘Where the World Ends’ by Geraldine McCaughren, it is a book about living on an island, survival and adventure.

“At primary school my favourite book was ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo and I can still remember parts from it.

“I am very grateful to Mrs Choudry for setting the challenge and getting me reading.”