Students work with radio station to produce commercial about anxiety


EIGHT students from Haslingden High School were selected to take part in a special workshop organised by Rock FM radio.

The school was invited by Bauer Media and NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria to take part in a professional radio creative content workshop.

The Year 9 and 10 students attended the Preston-based radio station for a full day when they scripted and created their own 30-second radio advert about anxiety.

Kieran Abery said: “We did some workshops where we created a person and gave them different attributes and then we drew them.”

Lauren Evans explained: “We then had to create a 30-second advert about anxiety in young people in school and we had people talking about how they were feeling.

“We were told about a charity called Healthy Young Minds and given advice on directing people to contact them.”

Keegan Cartmell said: “We were split into two groups to create and script what was a conversation between two people. In it, we asked if the other person was ok and when they said ‘no’ we tried to find out why.

“It was not just about anxiety but about depression and mental health awareness. Sometimes people don’t always know if someone is not ok as they might not say, but it is important that you listen to what they do say.”

The students agreed that often people will ask if someone is ‘all right’ but not necessarily listen to the response and it was important to not use it as a throwaway question, but instead to listen and respond to any comments the other person makes.

Allegra Aitken said: “It was good to be able to speak about the subject and the workshop explained where to go to if you need help.”

Rock FM has been working with four schools across Lancashire on the project and the students’ hope their advert will be picked to be played on the radio station.

The chosen commercial will be used to support children with varying mental health conditions and the students were invited to talk about their own experiences of anxiety and/or experiences of supporting others.