Students take to the hills for expedition practice


FIFTY students from Haslingden High School took part in a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze practice expedition.

They were in eight teams with half setting off from Ashworth Valley Scout Camp in Norden and half from Dearden Wood Campsite in Edenfield.

The teams had plotted their own routes between the two sites, a distance of approximately 10 miles, and then camped overnight before hiking back to their starting point.

On the second day, one of the teams encountered an unresponsive man about 500m from their camp and alerted their teachers who called out the ambulance service.

Fifteen-year-olds Neve Tyborczyk, Holly Taylor and Ella Edwards, and others made up one of the teams.

Neve said: “We started at Ashworth Valley and on the first day we were supposed to do 10 miles but ended up doing 12 because we went a bit wrong.

“We missed a turning because we were trying to get to Edenfield, but not looking at the map.

“The best thing about the expedition was staying overnight on the campsite in a tent; it was good fun.”

On their second day walking, the group also took a wrong footpath, but this time they realised their mistake, checked it with their teachers and got back on the right route.

Holly, Neve and Ella learnt cooking for their skill, and football for their physical activity and Neve has been litterpicking in Ramsbottom for her voluntary work while Holly and Ella worked in different primary schools.

Holly said: “I have enjoyed everything and being part of a team.”

The staff on hand to check up with students throughout the weekend were: Head of Year and Duke of Edinburgh lead Harry Ikin; Geography teacher Jon Raho; Biology teacher Paul Ridgway; teaching assistant Lee Trickett and teacher Matt Collis.