We offer an exciting, broad and ambitious curriculum

Haslingden High provides a superb, well rounded educational experience. We could not have made a better choice for our children!” Parent

We are proud of our curriculum and strive to ensure that all students have access to an exciting, ambitious and inclusive learning experience that is well-planned, broad, diverse and expertly delivered. Our belief is that all students deserve the very best educational experience and our staff take pride in how they construct, deliver and review the curriculum at Haslingden High School.

We think carefully about the design of our curriculum, recognising the crucial role it plays in students’ development, how they interpret and understand the world around them and how it will shape their future. Our curriculum model seeks to make the most of all available learning opportunities, building on previous learning, with staff regularly engaging with up to date research to continually develop their practice with the desire to continually maximise learning opportunities for our young people.

We sequence our curriculum to ensure learning is not accidental but deliberately ordered so we can make connections between themes and topics, revisit key concepts and allow students access to the best possible learning climate to know and remember more. Our curriculum inspires and motivates students to want to develop their understanding and take ownership of the progress they make, enabling them to flourish as lifelong learners.

Whilst we are proud of our academic achievements, we believe that this is not the sole measure of our curriculum’s success. We aim to equip our students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to continue to develop and grow as well- rounded individuals and, ultimately, to believe that they can be successful in their future endeavours beyond life at Haslingden High School and Sixth Form.

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