Study at Haslingden Sixth Form

Making the transition from year 11 to sixth form is an exciting time for many reasons.  Not only are you making important decisions about which subjects to study but you are encouraged to become much more independent as you embark on the path to adulthood. At Haslingden Sixth Form, we are with you every step of the way.

We offer a comprehensive range of A level and level 3 qualifications and are committed to ensuring that you achieve excellent results.  We are an inclusive community that values every aspect of learning so we work hard to tailor experiences within the sixth form to ensure that every student is able to succeed in whichever pathway they choose. 

Two years at Haslingden Sixth Form will give you a strong foundation for whatever you pursue in the future. Not only will you be pushed to exceed your potential in your subjects, but you will also be able to draw on enrichment experiences, voluntary work, personalised advice and guidance, new friends and the support of a superb and incredibly dedicated sixth form team. 

At Haslingden Sixth Form, we aim to inspire our students to exceed their potential and to do this, we place their wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.  We know that sixth form is about so much more than the qualifications and skills gained in your time here. In the two years you spend with us, you will discover and develop so much more about yourself because we strive to ensure that you leave us at the end of year 13 as a well-rounded, resilient and well-qualified young adult who is well equipped to go out into the wider world and make your mark.