Dance A Level

Brief details:

Dance is a subject that provides a creative focus for students through a physical medium. A-level dance requires students to be good at performing, interpreting and creating contemporary dance. Students are able to further their GCSE experience or to formalise the dance training which they may have had as an extracurricular activity.

The course encompasses a wide variety of studies, particularly up-and-coming choreographers currently creating their work in the UK. This will include a set work: “Rooster” by Christopher Bruce and a choice of one other professional work from a list of four stated in the syllabus. Students analyse both the content and the context of these professional works. The studies then feed into students’ practical work which encourages skills such as solo and group performance and choreography.

Preferred entry requirements:

Grade 5 or above at GCSE dance or equivalent experience in dance training and grade 4 at GCSE English .

Units studied:

Unit 1: Performance and choreography

Unit 2: Critical engagement

Exam Board: AQA

Course assessment details:

This course is assessed through exams (50%) and practical assessment (50%)

Progression and career opportunities:

A-level dance will suit students who are aiming to continue dance studies or performing arts courses within higher education. It also provides relevant subject knowledge for students wishing to pursue a future in dance teaching.