Chemistry A Level

Brief details:

Our objective is to ensure that learning is enjoyable and enhances a candidate’s enthusiasm for chemistry. The AQA specification has been tailored to follow on from additional science at GCSE and will develop a candidate’s knowledge and understanding to provide a pathway to further study.  Practical skills are a key part of chemistry; both in assessment and to support understanding, thus they are a key part of lessons within all units.

Preferred entry requirements:

Grade 5 or above at GCSE science, English and maths is the minimum requirement. Grade 6 in maths is highly recommended.    

Units studied:

  •       Unit 1:                    Physical chemistry
  •       Unit 2:                    Inorganic chemistry
  •       Unit 3:                    Organic chemistry


Practical skills are taught within all units

Exam Board: AQA

Course assessment details:

This course is assessed entirely through final examinations. 

Progression and career opportunities:

Chemistry is recognised by universities as one of the most demanding A-levels. The document ‘Subject Matters: Post 16 Subject Choices’ states, “There are certain A-level subjects that are considered either essential or useful for a number of courses at Cambridge, therefore choosing one or more of these will help keep your higher education options open.” Chemistry is first on that list of only six subjects. Whilst A -level chemistry can lead to a diverse range of careers from accountancy to zoology; it is usually the only essential A-level for subjects such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary science.