Fighter Blaze earns two golds defeating same opponent


YEAR 10 student Blaze Lee walked away with two gold medals from the WKA Open European Championships after defeating the same opponent twice in the finals.

Since the age of nine, Blaze has trained at West Freestyle Martial Arts in Helmshore where he currently hones his boxing and kickboxing skills by attending six times a week.

In Motherwell, Scotland, in the age 14-15 58.1-61kg boxing competition the Haslingden High School student got a total knockout in the semi-final winning through to the final after just two rounds.

Blaze, 14, from Haslingden, said: “Half-way through, I got a body shot in and I kept getting more and then the referee stopped the fight.

“In the final I faced Aleks [Strupkus] from Twin Tigers and this time it went the full six minutes, it was very warm and that fight was more exhausting and it went to points.

“If your opponent throws 30 punches then you need to throw 31; I knew I had won.”

The following day in the kickboxing age 14-15 58,1-81kg competition, Blaze found he was straight through to the final when he once again faced the same opponent Aleks that he had fought for the boxing title.

Blaze said: “We did the full three rounds over six minutes and it was more competitive and there were more kicks, but I won in the end. I just wanted to win more than he did.”

He will be competing in the World Kickboxing Championships in Germany in a few weeks’ time.