French A Level

Brief details:

The study of A-level French gives students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the French language beyond GCSE. It enables students to communicate effectively, both in spoken and written form, on a variety of topics which are of interest to young people today. It enhances the cultural dimension of studying a language and increases students’ European and global awareness.

Preferred entry requirements:

Grade 5 or higher in GCSE French

Units studied:

  • Unit 1: Aspects of French-speaking society; current trends e.g. the cyber-society
  • Unit 2: Artistic culture in the French-speaking world; French cinema and music
  • Unit 3: Aspects of French-speaking society; current issues e.g. diversity
  • Unit 4: Aspects of political life in the French-speaking world e.g. immigration

Exam board: AQA

Course assessment details:

This course is assessed entirely through final examinations.

Progression and career opportunities:

An A-level qualification in French provides a suitable foundation for the study of French at university. Increasingly French is combined with other subjects at university to provide an extra dimension to one’s studies, for example, in business and management. It can also lead to the study of other languages such as Russian, Chinese or Japanese. Organisations are often looking for candidates with additional skills and having a good knowledge of another language could be part of that skill set.