School WiFi

As of September 2020 the guidance and information below is relevant to the ENGLISH BLOCK ONLY

We are gradually expanding a new wifi network across the school, beginning with the English Block from September 2020. In order to use this network, you must log in to it using your network username and password.

Please see the info below to see how to connect. The guides only apply to iOS (iPad/iPhone) and macOS (Macbooks) but Android and Windows devices will also be able to connect.

If you are having WiFi issues, please us the Spiceworks App to log a support ticket.

What are we doing?

We are starting to replace our existing WiFi system and are moving towards a new system which allows both staff and students to sign in with their devices by using network logins. We are also replacing the old Apple TVs with the latest models, and wiring them directly into the network, rather than having them on WiFi. This should hopefully improve the reliability of the Apple TVs.

Why are we changing it?

Our current WiFi system is reaching its end of life. It is reliant on a single WiFi ‘controller’ which is no longer supported by the manufacturer, so we need to start replacing the WiFi before this controller fails.

When is it being changed?

The English Block has been updated during the Summer Holidays 2020. If this works well then it will be rolled out to the rest of the school over the next few years.

Can I connect my own personal devices? – Yes

You no longer need to bring laptops/phones up to B36 in order for us to add them to the WiFi network.

Does this mean students can add their own devices? – Yes

Any device connected by a student will go through the same filtering system as their school iPad. Each school year group is limited to only using a certain amount of internet bandwidth, so having lots of student devices on the network will not slow everything down for staff. Anything connected to the School WiFi is passed through our internet filtering system for safeguarding purposes.

Does anything get monitored at home? – No

Our internet filtering restrictions only apply when your device is connected to the school WiFi.