June 2018: Isabelle skates into second place as a solo dancer

ICE dancer Isabelle Lord is now pursuing a solo career and hopes to skate her way into a place in the GB Development Squad.

Year 9 student Isabelle, 14, from Helmshore was competing as part of an ice dancing couple with Oliver Dunks, but he has hung up his boots while he completes his GCSEs so Isabelle has gone solo.

She said: “I competed in the Bracknell Open when I came second in the short dance and third in the free dance.

“Dancing solo is more nerve wracking, but you don’t have to worry where your partner is so that makes it easier.

“In Bracknell I felt I was more confident and not too nervous, I did the elements well and my dances have improved since.

“I also went to the Murrayfield Open in Edinburgh but on my short dance my dress came unfastened at the start of the dance.

“I knew it had happened, but I couldn’t stop and would not have been allowed to restart so I had to do the whole routine with my arms outstretched so that the dress would not fall down!”

Isabelle first took to the ice when she was invited to a party aged seven and she trains in Widnes on a Monday, leaving Rossendale at 5am to get a 90 minute training session in before heading back home for school.

She also trains twice a week at Blackburn Ice Arena.

With Oliver, she spent a year in the GB Development Squad for ice dancing couples.

As Isabelle’s chosen sport is a very expensive one, she now has a website www.isabellelizzie.com and is actively seeking sponsorship to help with the costs including dance lessons, personal trainer gym sessions, and nutrition advice, and to compete internationally.