October 2015: Caring pupil loses locks for charity


CARING teenager Danica McDonald has had her hair shaved off to raise £900 for Rossendale Hospice.

Danica, a Year 11 student at Haslingden High School, decided to have her waist-length hair cut to raise money to thank Rossendale Hospice for the care they have given her dad John, who has terminal bowel cancer.

She also chose to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust so it can be used to make a real wig for a child fighting cancer.


She said: “I wanted to do something to raise money and my mum suggested that I have my head shaved. It took a bit to persuade my dad because he likes my hair long.

“I have been growing my hair since Year 7 when I had it cut into a bob and I only ever had it trimmed at the hairdressers.”

Danica’s mum Kim Forrest arranged an event at the IDL Club in Haslingden when family and friends came along to support her as she lost her locks.

“I was shaking when my hair was being shaved off; I was just thinking, ‘What have I done?’

“Then I was crying, so was my mum and my dad. I couldn’t bear to look at my head for five hours until I got home.

“People were donating on the day and there was also a singer performing. Now I can’t stop playing with my hair and it is really quick to sort in a morning before school.”

However, Danica has no intentions of keeping her short new hairstyle and added: “I find it really cold at night. It is a bit of a shock and I will be growing it back again.

“I have no regrets about doing it though, and I am glad I raised so much for Rossendale Hospice.”