The 8 Expectations

The ‘respect agenda’, enshrined in our 8 Expectations, is a central theme in all aspects of school life; we insist that all students show respect for themselves, their peers, their teachers and our community.

We recognise how fortunate we are in terms of students’ attitudes and behaviour and the positive choices the vast majority of our students make on a daily basis.  This is evident in our whole school attitude to learning grades, lesson observations and through the regularly positive feedback we receive from visitors to the school. This is something we passionately want to protect. We wholeheartedly believe in our motto of ‘Achievement for All’ and the respect agenda underpins our school ethos.

  1. To speak respectfully to staff
  2. To behave respectfully to staff
  3. To speak respectfully to other students
  4. To behave respectfully to other students
  5. To respect the school environment
  6. To have respect for your own learning
  7. To have respect for other students’ learning
  8. All students are expected to be ambassadors for our school

Students failing to meet our expectations will be issued with the ‘respect agenda’ assignment.  This will either be for a support call (where a member staff has to call for support from a senior colleague due to a child’s behaviour), or for a failure to meet the 8 Expectations during social time (including behaviour in the community). Students will be expected to complete the 400 word assignment thoughtfully and to the best of their ability, answering all of the questions listed on the prompts provided. We hope that the parents of those involved will support the school and talk through the assignment, assisting in its completion. We recognise that all children will make mistakes from time to time this is designed to continue to educate our students and help them to recognise what positive choices and behaviours look like. We also want students to understand the negative impact poor choices can have on themselves and others.

Following the Easter break, we will be launching a week of positive events and challenges within school. We will be looking to focus on respect, attitude and self-esteem as well as tackling high profile issues such as mental health. We will be looking to provide opportunities for parents to become involved in supporting your child(ren) in school and celebrating the fantastic things you are doing at home.

We would welcome your feedback and look forward to continuing to work together to help your child(ren) to be safe, happy and ultimately successful.




The RESPECT agenda - 400 word assignment