We have high expectations and standards in all aspects of school life

“Pupils behave very well. They move around the school calmly. They pay attention and concentrate in their lessons. They are keen to learn. Pupils’ conduct reflects teachers’ high expectations”

Ofsted, 2022

A happy, thriving community relies on shared expectations and we believe our respect agenda provides clarity and reassurance for all. We expect all members of our school community to know and adhere to our four expectations:

  1. Speak and behave respectfully to staff and students
  2. Respect your learning and the learning of others
  3. Respect the school environment
  4. Respect the wider community

We are proud of the behaviour and attitude of our students and this continues to be a strength of our school. We believe that excellent behaviour is underpinned by positive relationships and it is this approach that creates the trust and mutual respect we see at Haslingden High School.

Our students are proud to wear our uniform because they are proud to be part of our school. A uniform promotes a feeling of unity and a sense of belonging and we insist on the highest standards of presentation and believe that this supports a positive climate for learning for all members of our community.

Homework also has a key role to play in ensuring every student reaches his or her full potential. It supports, extends and consolidates the work covered in lessons and encourages independent learning and time management skills. We think carefully about the transition from primary school and the expectations and structure of our homework programme reflects this in the way in which it is set and the time required each week gradually progressing to meet the needs of all learners.

Students failing to meet our expectations will be issued with the ‘respect agenda’ assignment.  This will either be for a support call (where a member staff has to call for support from a senior colleague due to a child’s behaviour), or for a failure to meet the Four Expectations during social time (including behaviour in the community). Students will be expected to complete the 400 word assignment thoughtfully and to the best of their ability, answering all of the questions listed on the prompts provided. We hope that the parents of those involved will support the school and talk through the assignment, assisting in its completion. We recognise that all children will make mistakes from time to time this is designed to continue to educate our students and help them to recognise what positive choices and behaviours look like. We also want students to understand the negative impact poor choices can have on themselves and others.

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