The Prefect Role

The role of Prefect is an important one and if appointed students will be accepting a position of considerable responsibility. It is also a very exciting role and will give the opportunity to both develop leadership skills and have significant influence on the daily life of the school.

Prefects are expected to perform many diverse roles some of which are listed below.

1. Provide a role model to which other students should aspire and be an ambassador for our school
2. Meet the highest standards of politeness, courtesy, dress, attendance and punctuality
3. To be a supportive role model to an allocated tutor group and assist with delivering registration activities
4. Carry out regular duties at lunch and/or break time as required
5. Represent the school at important events throughout the year e.g. New Intake days (This may mean attending school to support a year 7 form on a day when year 11 are not usually in school), Open Evening, Parents evenings, School productions etc.
6. Attend meetings with the Pastoral staff as requested
7. Help to lead promotional activities for the school, including charity events
8. Be proactive in assisting the smooth running of the school outside lesson times
9. Greet visitors for daytime meetings in the school eg. Open mornings
10. Act as a buddy to students who have asked for help and support

Students applying to be a prefect should demonstrate:
That they are a positive role model to other students with regard to their effort, conduct, presentation and commitment to the ethos of our school
Their excellent record of attendance and punctuality
That they are enthusiastic, highly motivated and have high levels of maturity and initiative
Their commitment to the life of the school and our wider community
That they have good organisational, communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to carry out the role

Written applications will be requested and this will form part of the selection process which will be undertaken by the Head of Year and Head of School in discussion with the pastoral team, form tutors and colleagues from across the school. Their shortlist will then be reviewed and a final selection made by the School Leadership Team.
It is expected that students appointed to the role of Prefect will maintain the highest of standards in all aspects of school life. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of prefect status.

The Prefect Application Process 2018

Prefect application forms can be collected from your form tutor from (Monday 11th December).

This form should be completed and returned to Mr Ikin at school by Friday 19th January. You may put an additional sheet along with this if you feel that there is more you would like to add but please do not feel that you have to.

Mr Wilson and Mr Ikin will then go through the applications very carefully and use this information alongside their knowledge of our students as well as conversations with form tutors, teachers and other colleagues to determine a short list of candidates. This shortlist will then be presented to the Pastoral team and Curriculum leaders before going to the School Leadership Team for discussion and final selection. Emphasis is placed not only on the contributions that students have made to date but also on their skill set and potential to effectively perform the diverse and demanding role of a Prefect.

There is no specific, pre-determined number of prefects to be selected but we must ensure that there is enough of a role for each of our prefects to really grow into, so numbers are restricted. We recognise and highly value the contributions made by all our students and it is always a pleasure to read about these in their prefect applications. However, as with any selection process, not all can be successful. We will continue to offer as many volunteering and leadership opportunities as possible to all our students regardless of whether or not they are a prefect. Those who are not successful might wish to consider an alternative but equally important role in school for example being a faculty ambassador or volunteering to mentor younger students and support them in their learning.

Students and parents will be notified of the outcome of the application process around February half term.