300 Club

Welcome to the 300 Club!

The 300 Club combines fundraising for Haslingden High School’s PTFA with the chance of winning cash prizes. The minimum monthly subscription to the 300 Club is just £2 and we hold 12 draws throughout the year including the winter bonus draw. 50% of the proceeds from subscriptions are given out as prize money to our club members.  Each month 3 numbers are drawn and prizes this year ranged in value from £45 each month to £450 in the Winter Draw where just one number is drawn.  Winners are notified by post or email. The other 50% is retained by the PTFA to contribute towards many projects in school which benefit the students.

The 300 Club is one of the main fund raising activities of the PTFA. The more people who join, the bigger and better the prizes we are able to offer, but perhaps more importantly,  the more money we raise, the more we are able to provide to fund projects.

The range and diversity of projects supported is wide and includes those listed below. We try to support projects of all sizes and nature to ensure that as many students as possible benefit.  The following are just a few of the items purchased over recent years:

Tents and camping equipment for D of E

Sports Kits for the trampoline team

Musical equipment

Equipment and plants for the Bee Kind Garden

I very much hope you will subscribe to the 300 Club; please complete the application form and bankers mandate and return it to me at the address below.

In order to simplify our administration and keep the cost of the scheme to a minimum, we only accept payment by standing order or direct debit (full details on the application form).

If you have any queries or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With best wishes

Kate Sieg-Hogg and Claire Smith




Recent Winners

February £57.75
21 – Julie Bracewell
193 – Joanna Durrant
231 – Jane Dust

March £57.75
49 – Laura Dickinson
129 – Russ Clarke
160 – Michelle Smith

April £56.25
104 – Jonathan Harrison
150 – Hazel Harris
196 – Rebecca Brown

May £55.75
115 – Lindsay Higgins
121 – Gillian Flynn
149 – Jane Dawson

June £55.50
139 – Amanda Bargh
130 – Lindsay Higgins
197 – Anita Smith

July £54.50
172 – Dawn Spencer-Hall
36 – Elizabeth Gent
52 – Susie Simmonette Rarity

August £53.75
120 – Sally Tembo
46 – Paul Mounfield
197 – Anita Smith

September £53.75
143 – Pauline Ormerod
125 – Hayley Stead
8 – Paul Cadogan

For further information on how to become a member please click on the links below:

Letter to Parents

Letter to Staff

Application Form

Bankers Mandate

300 Club Rules