Media Overview 2018-2019

GCSE Media

Year Term Focus
9 (New specification) Autumn Introduction to Media Studies

●     Keywords, terminology and definitions

●     What is the Media and why study it?

●     Connotations and denotations

●     Convergent nature of media

●     Exploration of stereotype

●     Celebrity

Advertising and Marketing

·        Quality Street Advert analysis

·        This girl can analysis and comparative work

·        Film marketing Bond posters

Spring ●     Newspapers and magazines

●     Representations of gender and ethnicity

●     Exam preparation

●     Guardian, Sun newspaper GQ and pride

Summer ●     Industry, audience, and the Sun newspaper

●     Newspaper comparison

10 (New specification) Autumn Component 1 Advertising and Marketing


Spring ·        Component 1 Section B

·        Video games

·        Industry and Pokemon Go

·        Component 3 Practical Coursework

Summer ·        Component 3 Practical Coursework

·        Industry and The Archers

·        Sense of evolving media products

11 (Legacy specification) Autumn Exam Preparation – television news

●     Comparison of ITV and BBC news

●     Generic conventions of tv news

●     Reporters and newsreaders

●     Representation in the news

●     Music and visual cues


Exam Preparation – news websites

●     Language of the news

●     Website layout

●     Links and convergent nature of web news

●     Analysis of a range of news web pages


Spring Exam Preparation and revision
Summer Exam Preparation and revision


Level 3 Cambridge Technical (Introductory Diploma)


Year Term Focus
12 (New specification) Autumn Unit 1-Analysing media products and audiences
Spring Unit 2-Pre-production and planning
Summer Unit 3-Creating a media product
13 Autumn Unit 20-Advertising Campaigns
Spring Unit 21: Plan and deliver a pitch for a media product
Summer Unit 22: Scripting


NB Due to some classes having two teachers, units may be taught alongside each other.