iPads for Learning

Haslingden High School has a well-established 1:1 iPad scheme where all teaching staff and students in Years 7 – 11 have access to an iPad.

The purpose of our 1:1 iPad scheme is to:

  • To ensure equality of access to the internet at school and at home
  • To prepare students for working and living in a digital age
  • To support self-led research and problem-solving
  • To improve the quality of feedback, home learning and collaboration
  • To provide new and innovative ways for students to learn

With the digital world developing so fast we are extremely proud of our students’ and teachers’ innovative use of technology to enhance the teaching & learning experience all students have.

We use iPads for many of our key systems. This includes communication via email, Edulink One (this shows students’ timetables, homework and reports, rewards and achievements) and Showbie, where staff share resources and can provide feedback. Above all, teachers and students utilise the iPad for learning activities which provide multiple pathways to subject knowledge and understanding in new, creative, engaging and exciting ways.

Our survey of students is very encouraging with the results overwhelmingly in support of our 1:1 scheme.  More information can be found below.

Order a new iPad by 9 August

  1. Click the button
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Use this username: HHS22 with the password S3cure02!
  4. Follow the instructions on screen

On a normal school day, how often do you use your iPad in lessons?

Has having an iPad made completing classwork easier?

Do you use your iPad for homework?

Ordering an iPad – Year 7 September 2022

Ordering a new iPad
We have worked with Freedom Tech and MCC Digital to put together what we believe is an excellent offer for families:

  • The latest and fastest 9th Generation iPad with a 10.2 inch screen and 64GB storage
  • Case and tempered glass screen protector
  • £16.87 a month over 30 months (shorter payment terms are available, see website)
  • 30 month Freedom Tech Advanced Repair Service at no additional cost.  Terms and conditions apply.
  • The iPad belongs to the parent at the end of the lease term at no additional cost
  • No upfront deposit and no cost for accidental damage repairs/replacements

In addition, we are offering a Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard and/or an Apple Pencil as optional extras. This keyboard can be paired with the iPad for more comfortable typing and allows the full space of the screen to be used for content creation.


















The options appear as a drop down menu item on a mobile:

All orders should be placed by midnight on August 9th. Direct debits will begin around 25th August. The first direct debit must clear your bank or the order will be cancelled. There is some uncertainty at present over stock availability but we expect to be able to hand out iPads during mid-late September.

Participating families must keep up payments or return the iPad to school. This is a leasing scheme where the school owns the iPad until all payments have been completed. If your child leaves HHS before the end of the lease, you must either return the iPad to us or pay off the remaining balance as a lump sum.

Other options
We will continue to support families that bring personal iPads to school or wish to purchase a new iPad for their child independently of the school scheme. Our minimum specification for personal devices is any iPad capable of running iPadOS 15.  Parents are strongly advised to buy insurance cover and a strong case if choosing this option.

Financial help  

Limited funds are available to support families where there is genuine hardship and parents are asked to contact Mr Roper in confidence via the form below if this is the case.  

Any Questions?

eSafety & iPad Acceptable Use Policy

It is vital that all participants in our iPads for Learning scheme stay safe online and respect the terms and conditions in our eSafety and iPad policy. Please download a copy of our rules for safe iPad and ICT use from the link below;

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Download [461.42 KB]


Freedom Tech Advanced Repair Service (FTARS)

FTARS is included as part of the lease agreement at no additional cost for 30 months from receipt of the iPad.  Freedom  Tech will repair or replace an iPad which has been accidentally damaged or stolen.  Please read the terms and conditions carefully.  The agreement does not cover loss.

All repairs are handled by Freedom Tech.  Please see the repairs page if you wish to start a claim.

FTARS – for iPads up to 30 months old:

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Please note iPads more than 30 months old are not covered by the repair service.

Information for families who have chosen to opt out of the scheme

Our scheme is voluntary and whilst the very large majority of families are part of the scheme, parents can choose not to be involved if they wish. We have a number of iPads that can be borrowed each day.