ICT Support

Welcome to the ICT Support page. Here you will be able to find information about all things technical at Haslingden High School, and where to get help if you are having problems.

Whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place, we cannot attend to callers to B36.  Please raise a ticket and we will do our best to see you as soon as possible.

How to contact us

Staff and students, click the button below or use the IT Support app on your iPad to log any ICT problems. This way we can prioritise jobs, and we will be able to sort your queries more efficiently.

You can also email help@haslingdenhighschool.on.spiceworks.com 

If your iPad is broken, please see the iPad Repair page.

New WiFi

We are gradually expanding a new wifi network across the school, beginning with the English Block from September 2020. In order to use this network, you must log in to it using your network username and password.

Click the link to above to find out more.

Google Takeout

After you leave HHS, your Google account will be deactivated for data protection reasons, so you will bo longer have access to your data. Google Takeout can help you export your school Gmail and Google Drive to your own personal Google account.

Click the link above to find out more.


How to get started with Edulink.  For more information about what Edulink does, click here.


RMUnify will sync your school password across Edulink, Gmail, Google Drive, Accelerated Reader, your school Network Login and other services.


An introduction to printing using the PaperCut system at Haslingden High. To find out how to print, click here.

Message from Mr Roper – IT & iPads – August 31st

As we look forward to welcoming students back to Haslingden High School next month, we would like to make you aware of some iPad and IT related issues so that term starts as smoothly as possible. Covid-19 has affected the ways in which we can offer IT access to students […]

Google Takeout