Online safety, including gaming, is a high profile issue for all schools nationally due to the risks it can pose for children and young people.  The following documents outline those risks and also offer some very helpful advice, practical tips and links to find out where you can obtain further information.

One significant concern we currently have as a school relates directly to gaming. Specifically, our worries are around the following aspects of gaming:

  • How long a child spends playing these games each day/week
  • Where these games are played (in family shared spaces such as the living room or alone in their bedrooms)
  • Whether the content is age appropriate
  • Who they are communicating with online and are those people who they say they are
  • The impact these games have on sleep
  • The impact these games can have on their mental health and general wellbeing

We remain determined to ensure our students are safe at school and beyond and want to work closely with our families to ensure appropriate support is offered. We hope parents can use this information to help support conversations at home and regulate the use of the internet and time spent playing online games as well as to be mindful of potential signs of bullying or abuse.

If you have any further questions or have any concerns relating to any of the issues raised please do not hesitate to contact Mr Clarke at school.

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