‘Inspiring creative, curious and confident minds’

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Drama is a way of exploring, validating and challenging students’ ideas about the way the world works and their place in it, and provides a safe, supportive environment in which students are encouraged to develop and share that thinking through the art-form.

The curriculum is sequenced to allow a progression in skills that enable students to manipulate ideas into a clear, theatrical performance that makes their thinking powerful to others.

We aim to contribute to the development of ethical, informed citizens who are encouraged to consider morality through the chosen subject matter and to develop empathy by putting themselves in the shoes of others and thinking from alternative perspectives.

We expect students to take the art form seriously as a discipline that allows them to ask big questions about what it is to be human in the 21st Century.

We aim to develop interpersonal skills – communication, creativity, leadership and teamwork – and encourage the growth of confidence, positivity and both inside and outside the classroom, through a variety of extra-curricular opportunities, creating an enriching environment in which all are valued.

Students are required to engage with a range of stimuli that leads them into improvisation, devised drama and simple script work that sets them on the path to the acquiring the skills necessary should they choose to pursue the subject in the future as an exam subject or viable career path.


KS3 Drama

GCSE Drama

A Level Theatre Studies