Curriculum Statement

Haslingden High School seeks to provide all students with a wide variety of engaging opportunities that build confidence, develop skills and promote academic excellence.  Our curriculum is driven by our school aims which strive to provide a high quality holistic education that prepares our students for the demands of the future in terms of further study, the world of work and becoming successful local, national and global citizens.

We have had a two year key stage 3 in place for many years now and believe that this is effective in preparing our students for their GCSE examinations.  This is even more important given the increased demands of the new, more rigorous and content heavy GCSE specifications.

At the end of Year 8 students choose three subjects to study in depth to GCSE level, whilst almost 70% of curriculum time is devoted to core subjects leading to GCSE level entry in English Language, English Literature, mathematics, dual award science and religious studies.  To ensure students receive an appropriate academic diet almost all will choose an additional Ebacc subject.  The remaining two options are offered as a free choice with over 20 options available to cater for individual students’ interest and aptitudes.  All students are interviewed by a member of the School Leadership Team to discuss the appropriateness of individual choices, in particular the more able students are asked to strongly consider taking both a modern foreign language and a humanities subject.

Year 9 provides a foundation year for students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them for GCSE study.

Throughout key stages 3 and 4 our personal development programme focusses on key issues relevant to life in modern Britain, as well as supporting individuals to become confident and resilient learners.  We encourage students to understand the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and acceptance of people of all faiths, races and cultures.  The programme incorporates Sex & Relationships education, Health, Careers Education, Citizenship and Enterprise education.  Opportunities also exist for students to extend their learning through a wide range of extra-curricular activities and educational visits.

We provide our post-16 students with a wide variety of subjects and courses to choose from, predominantly at Level 3.  We provide access to a variety of enrichment and entitlement opportunities to ensure students are well prepared for entry to university and /or the world of work.

The curriculum is kept under regular review with our students’ entitlement to an appropriate, rich, broad, balanced and relevant curriculum at the heart of our decision making.

If you wish to find out more about the curriculum on offer at Haslingden High School, please view the subject specific pages or contact Mrs E Edyvean