KS3 Computing Curriculum Rationale 2019-20

Year 7

Y7 Computing Rationale

Year 8

Y8 Computing Rationale

Year 9 Information Technologies

Y9 IT Foundation Rationale

Year 9 Computing

Y9 Computing Rationale


GCSE Computer Science


Year Term Focus
9 (9-1 specification) Autumn Data representation; Computer systems architecture
Spring Games Programming in Scratch.

The use of computer technology in society

Summer Computer structure: systems, hardware, CPU, memory & secondary storage
10 Autumn Computer systems architecture, memory and storage
Spring Computational thinking, abstraction, decomposition and algorithms

Wired and wireless networks

Summer Non-examined assessment preparation

Constants, variables and data types

Program flow control

Procedures and functions

Scope of variables, constants, functions and procedures



Autumn Non Examined Assessment – Practical programming in Python

Computational thinking and algorithms

Spring Systems architecture memory and storage

Wired and wireless networks

Ethical, legal cultural and environmental concerns

Data representation

Summer exam


Level 3 Cambridge Technical (introductory diploma)


Year Term Focus
12 (New specification) Autumn Unit 2: Global information
Spring Unit 13 Social Media and Digital Marketing
Summer Unit 6: Application design
13 Autumn Unit 1: Fundamentals of IT
Spring Unit 21: Web design and prototyping
Summer Exam preparation

NB Due to some classes having two teachers, units may be taught alongside each other.

A Level Computer Science


Year Term Focus
12 (New specification) Autumn Component 1: Programming and system development
Spring Component 2: Computer architecture, data, communication and applications
Summer Programming and algorithms
13 Autumn Component 3: Programmed solution to a problem (non-examined assessment)
Spring Component 1: Synthesis of algorithms and programming methodologies
Summer Component 2: Synthesis of organisation and structure of data

NB Component 3 is delivered across year 13