Computing Overview 2018-19

KS3 and KS4

Year Term Focus
7 Autumn Using Computers safely, effectively and responsibly

Basic Hardware and Software

Spring Introduction to coding using Kodu / Swift Playgrounds / Microbits
Summer Spreadsheet modelling

Control systems with Flowol

Internet and communication

8 Autumn Graphics
Spring Web development and HTML
Summer Computer crime and cyber security

Database development

9 Autumn Introduction to presentation software

Introduction to word processing software

Spring Introduction to spreadsheet software
Summer Introduction to development for games, apps and web
10 Autumn Producing presentations and word processed documents
Spring Producing spreadsheets
Summer Computer programming

NB Due to some classes having two teachers, units may be taught alongside each other.

GCSE Computer Science


Year Term Focus
9 (9-1 specification) Autumn Data representation; Computer systems architecture
Spring Games Programming in Scratch.

The use of computer technology in society

Summer Computer structure: systems, hardware, CPU, memory & secondary storage
10 Autumn Computer systems architecture, memory and storage
Spring Computational thinking, abstraction, decomposition and algorithms

Wired and wireless networks

Summer Non-examined assessment preparation

Constants, variables and data types

Program flow control

Procedures and functions

Scope of variables, constants, functions and procedures



Autumn Non Examined Assessment – Practical programming in Python

Computational thinking and algorithms

Spring Systems architecture memory and storage

Wired and wireless networks

Ethical, legal cultural and environmental concerns

Data representation

Summer exam


Level 3 Cambridge Technical (introductory diploma)


Year Term Focus
12 (New specification) Autumn Unit 2: Global information
Spring Unit 13 Social Media and Digital Marketing
Summer Unit 6: Application design
13 Autumn Unit 1: Fundamentals of IT
Spring Unit 21: Web design and prototyping
Summer Exam preparation

NB Due to some classes having two teachers, units may be taught alongside each other.

A Level Computer Science


Year Term Focus
12 (New specification) Autumn Component 1: Programming and system development
Spring Component 2: Computer architecture, data, communication and applications
Summer Programming and algorithms
13 Autumn Component 3: Programmed solution to a problem (non-examined assessment)
Spring Component 1: Synthesis of algorithms and programming methodologies
Summer Component 2: Synthesis of organisation and structure of data

NB Component 3 is delivered across year 13