Archive News 13/14

July 2014: World Cup Winning Reads!

Mrs Issa’s form 7M were the worthy winners of the inter form Year 7 ‘World Cup Winning Reads’ competition! Between them, they read an astonishing 106 books last half term to propel them to victory. The group, quite coincidentally, were also representing Germany, who went on to win the real […]

July 2014: Caring staff and students take charity to heart

STUDENTS and staff raised hundreds of pounds for charity Facial Palsy UK to raise awareness of a condition that has affected a colleague. Kay Turner, Haslingden High School Headteacher Mark Jackson’s Personal Assistant, has been affected by Bell’s Palsy twice. It left her temporarily unable to move the muscles on […]

July 2014: Record breaking amount raised on Charity Day

NEARLY £3,000 was raised in just one day at Haslingden High School making Charity Day the most successful ever. More than 20 different charities benefited from the annual event that sees students from all years organising their own stalls and selecting the charities they want to benefit This year the […]

July 2014: Awards and accolades for Haslingden’s best

OUTSTANDING students and staff were rewarded at Haslingden High School in the Citizen of the Year Awards. In total, the school received 256 individual nominations and on the night 32 awards were presented to deserving students and members of staff for their outstanding contribution to school. One of the many […]

July 2014: Students eye Albert Hall

MUSICAL students from Haslingden High School delighted crowds at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall and might earn a trip to London. The Brass Band and Wind Band were playing at the Music for Youth concert after being selected following a heat held at the high school. Now they must wait to see […]