Bring Your Own Device

Students, staff and visitors may bring personal devices to school and, subject to the terms of our acceptable use policies, access the internet and other online services.

Main school students (Years 7 to 11) may bring personal iPads into school.  Sixth form students and visitors may bring laptops (including MacBooks), tablets and iPhones into school and use them on our network.  Please note – at this time we cannot enrol any Android devices onto our systems (e.g. Samsung Galaxy phones).  This is due to the withdrawal of this feature by Jamf Software.  Guest WiFi is, however, available for short-term access.

Part of the enrolment process involves installing a Sophos security certificate on your device.  This allows us to filter and monitor inappropriate content and threats in school, in accordance with our Staff and Student Acceptable Use Policies.  The certificate does not allow us to monitor what you are doing whilst you are not connected to our network.

Here are the steps to get you up and running on our WiFi network.

This process is called enrolment.

iPads / iPhones

Follow these steps at home.  Open the camera app on your iPhone / iPad.

Either: scan this QR code to take you to the HHS enrolment website OR go to

Enter the username byod and the password haslingdenbyod

Choose Enrol from the list of menu options, then tap Enrol.

Press Continue

Tap Allow

Press close when the profile has downloaded.

Go to the Settings app then scroll to Profiles and Device Management.

Tap Personal MDM Profile then Install

Tap Install on this screen then follow the instructions on your device.

The profile can take a few minutes to download – please be patient.

You can check whether the profile has installed correctly by going to Settings the Device Management.  You should be able to see a personal MDM profile belonging to the school.  If it is there, then everything has worked OK.

PS – If you are using the HHSGuest network, tap the (i) icon then choose Forget This Network.

Android phones and tablets

Unfortunately we cannot yet support Android phones and tablets on our network following the withdrawal of this feature by Jamf Software.  We are investigating alternatives ways of providing device access.

MacBooks – follow these steps at home or use tethering

Open Chrome

Click the link here and choose ‘Open with Keychain Access’

Go to the Keychain app (it should open on screen automatically).  Double click to open the Sophos certificate (shown below in purple):

Click the Trust option in the top left corner and then in the menu, choose Always Trust:

The menu should look like this now:

Close the window by clicking the red dot in the top left corner.  Enter your password to save changes:

Close the Keychain app.

Open System Preferences and choose Network.

Click the WiFi option in the top left, then Advanced in the bottom right.

Email the WiFi address to


Download a copy of the certification authority here and choose the Save Target As option.

Other Devices (Windows/Chromebooks/Macbooks/Android)

To be able to add other devices to the school WiFi we need to add your MAC address into our WiFi system.

To see how to find your MAC address, open this link, or look at the picture below.

Once you have it, please send it to the technicians, who will give you the password, and add you onto the system.

This does not apply in the English Block (as of Sep 2020) as you can sign in using your normal PC login details. (Click the link here to find out more information)