We guide students, helping them to become kind, resilient and ethical individuals

We want our students to have a voice and to be heard, empowering them to develop their confidence and to recognise how they can influence change in their school and beyond.

A sense of community is an essential element of life in our school, and we regularly encourage our students to make a positive contribution to the school, the local and the global community, becoming ethical, informed and active citizens. Our students are involved in a number of community projects and charity work is a real strength of the school. Students are aware of their responsibilities as global citizens and they demonstrate genuine concern for others, working hard to make a difference wherever they can.

We have an active School Council and Sixth Form Management Team, which helps to promote the ethos of the school and play a key role in decision making. The School Council represents just one of the many ways in which students are encouraged to take on leadership roles and help to shape the school’s future development.