Home Covid Testing Information

Here is some information about coronavirus home testing kits and how to report test results.  

If you have provided consent for coronavirus testing, we will provide your child with a testing kit to take home along with some instructions about how to carry out a home test.  We kindly ask that you do the first test on Sunday 21 March and the second on Thursday 25 March, continuing on Sundays and Thursdays thereafter.  If you want to opt into home testing and have not previously given consent, you can do so by clicking this link .

We are obliged to keep a record of all home test results and to help us do this, we are using the TestRegister service.  TestRegister is a secure, fully GDPR compliant system for recording test results.  

You can either submit a test result by clicking this link:


In addition, TestRegister will also send email reminders to submit a test result each Sunday and Thursday.  We’ve also published a link to your child’s school iPad (look for the T icon).  If you are not regularly receiving emails from us, please check your contact details in Edulink or reach out to us directly.  

Recording test results

Go to testregister.co.uk/login  and enter your email address (or use the link in the reminder email).

Press send login link.  An email will be sent to you with a link to record a new test result.  

Check your email after you see this message:

Press login to your account:

Enter the Test Strip ID and the test result (this is under the QR code on the test kit).  Press submit.

We now have a secure record of you having taken a test.  As the next screen states, you should also report this result to the NHS.  Tap the ‘submit result to GOV.UK button’ and you will be redirected to the NHS website.

Follow the instructions on the NHS website to record your test result.

Please email if you have any questions.