Message from Mr Jackson – 10th March (school reopening)

We have just completed our third day of lateral flow testing and have overseen over 1300 individual tests for students.  The vast majority of our students, where consent has been given, have now had their first test and we will be testing those students again twice over the next six school days.  This has been a huge logistical exercise and has involved a large team of our staff and volunteers who have worked extremely hard to make this happen smoothly and efficiently.

Our students have been absolutely amazing over these three days and they have all conducted themselves in an exemplary manner which has allowed us to carry out this process so successfully.  In conversations with the staff and volunteers involved they have all consistently and independently commented on what a pleasant, polite and mature group of young people we have, who are a credit both to the school and their parents / carers.  Thank you for your support in enabling us to carry out this government requirement, one of the collective measures we have been required to implement to help keep staff, students and their families, safe on their return to school.

Following the further two tests administered in school provide all students, where consent has been given, with kits for home testing.  Mr Roper will write to you shortly with further information on this.

Yesterday saw the start of the phased return of all students back into school.  It has been an absolute pleasure to see them in class engaging with their learning, and at break and lunchtime socialising again with their friends.  I fully understand the significant number of challenges students face for a whole variety of reasons in returning to the classroom and we are keen to support and reassure students over the coming days and weeks.  There is no doubt there is a range of views on the wearing of face coverings in classrooms and it does present additional potential barriers to learning.  So far, our students have responded in a very positive way and we have had two enjoyable, successful days which I am sure will continue.  The position on face coverings will be reviewed by the government at Easter.

Once again, I am very grateful for the very positive emails I have received and the supportive telephone conversations with parents and carers.  There has been a real understanding of the challenges that we face in school and as always your support is hugely appreciated.

Mark Jackson, Headteacher