Student fitness challenge – 21k in January


A SPECIAL lockdown fitness challenge is being issued every month by the PE faculty of Haslingden High School to keep students active while not in school.  The first monthly task for students is to complete 21km as part of their daily exercise throughout January, but not necessarily to complete the whole distance on the one day.

However Year 8 student Elsie Haygarth was the first to take up the HHS 21 Challenge and she decided to do just that – completing 21.28k, a half-marathon, around Haslingden in the snow.
PE teachers Erika Wilson and Nikki Berko recorded a video to launch the challenge and posted it on YouTube.

Erika said: “The challenge is to run or walk a cumulative total of 21km, it doesn’t have to be all in one go. Send in some screenshots and pictures of you doing it.”While Nikki added: “There are lots of things they can record it on and there are 21 house points on offer to students if they do the 21 km.”